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Clothing of the Week: Pencil Skirt

3 Aug

When it comes to pencil skirts, the more accessorizing the better. They can look great by themselves, but if you have a plainer pencil skirt, pile on the blouses and the jewelery for a bigger impact.

If you want your pencil skirt to make a statement by itself, get one that’s patterned, pin tucked, piped or has another interesting detail.  Either way, pencil skirts make you look great, and they’re appropriate for any occasion!

Where to Find Pencil Skirts:  Forever 21, H&M, Charlotte Russe

Look #1: If you want a professional look that’s still cute for school, try a tie neck blouse (technically any looser blouse will work)  paired with bangles and flats. A big messy bun would work great with this outfit.  The best pencil skirt for this look is one that’s colored, but not too busy.

Look #2:  For a more fun yet sophisticated look try pairing a blazer with a plain shirt and wedges.  With a layered necklace and a patterned or detailed pencil skirt, your look is ready for school or just hanging out with your friends.


New Trend: Polka Dots

29 Jul

I used to think polka dots were kind of childish, and not something you would wear if you were attending a fancy event.  But after noticing them a lot more when shopping and seeing all the cute things that were polka dotted, my opinion definitely changed

Polka dots, when adorning a loose tank top, peasant blouse, dress, or even shorts, look sophisticated and chic.  Wear polka dots with quiet clothing, so that you don’t take away from the polka dot effect.  As for accessories, chain and teardrop necklaces look good, just remember to keep it simple.

Find at:  Forever 21, ModCloth

Fall Trends

20 Jul

For most of us, school is coming, whether we like it or not.  You can be prepared with a great new wardrobe for the coming year.  Here are a few trends to try for the upcoming school year. Have fun!

Tribal prints- We’ve been seeing them more and more in stores, and now is the time to try them!  For a casual school look, try a vibrant tribal shirt paired with either dark jeans or colored denim. Make sure the color of your jeans doesn’t make you too bright.  Try black, or another quieter color that you can identify in your shirt.

Tribal print denim or leggings are also super cute and fun!  Wear with flats or possibly boots.  If you’re looking for a more sophisticated look, try wedge heels.  They look great with skinny jeans or leggings, and they give you a classy edge.

Find Them At:  Forever 21

Blazer- This jacket can be casual, elegant, or fun.  Try it over a loose t-shirt with jeans,heels and a large necklace, or over a pencil skirt and blouse with flats.  A smaller blazer looks good over a flowing dress.

Find It At: Nordstrom, Forever 21, H&M, Lulu’s, Wet Seal

Little Flats- These make any outfit sweet and elegant.  Try a vibrant color for a more retro look, or sophisticated black for a look that’s simple yet classy.  Fabric flats are also cute and casual, or you can access your wilder side with printed flats.  All are cute and stylish!

Find Them At: Nordstrom, Target, and tons of other stores!  Flats are common, so you’ll probably find a cute pair at almost any place that carries shoes.

Skirts-  There are so many different types of skirts out there, but I’m noticing that people are taking a noticeable interest in these types: Pleated, Maxi and Pencil.  Pleated skirts are always fun and cute, plus they are an outfit in themselves.  Maxi skirts are fun and gorgeous, and they give you a simple beachy look that you can accessorize with long necklaces, fat bangles, and a simple top.  Sandals finish off this summery, casual look.  Pencil skirts can be a nice accent to a blouse.  Try flats for a more casual look, or wedges if you’re going out.

Find Them At: Too Many Places to List!  Have fun searching!

Feather Earrings- These earrings put a new and gorgeous spin on your whole outfit.  Personally, I love them because for some reason they seem to light up your face in the best way possible!  You can wear them with simple outfits, for wilder yet still casual look for school.

Find Them At: Forever 21