I will recommend individual stores throughout my blogs, but overall, these are some wallet-friendly stores that I couldn’t live without.  Enjoy!

1. Forever 21– Tons of stuff, affordable prices, and great sales.  Pretty much my all time favorite store.

2. Thrift Stores- You never know what your going to find in a thrift store.  The prices are always cheaper, and shopping at them is a great way to save money and get cool clothes!  If you’re a young adult living in the US or Canada, try Plato’s Closet.  It is a chain thrift store, so look to see if there’s one in your area!

3.  H&M–  Tons of gorgeous, sophisticated clothes for fair prices.  I especially love their accessories.

4.  Wet Seal– This store has lots of original options to choose from, as well as GREAT sales.

5.  Free People– Although on the pricier side, Free People is definitely worth a look.  Super cute!!

6.  Lulu’s– There are tons of gorgeous things on this site!! Be sure not to miss it!

7.  Target– This is a great go to store for almost all kinds of clothing!  You’ll be surprised at what you find.

8.  Nordstrom– Though expensive, this is my ultimate go-to shoe store.

9.  ModCloth– I LOVE LOVE LOVE this store.  There are tons of cute vintage-y things!!


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