Clothing of the Week: Cropped Tank

13 Aug

When you think of cropped tank tops, images of summer probably come to mind.  But cropped tank tops have so many wonderful and fashionable uses that you can wear them any time you want to!  They look great with tons of outfits, and they are light and airy enough to wear and be comfortable.

If you don’t want to show your stomach, than a cami underneath the tank is the perfect look for school!  In the summer, a sports bra is all you need under it.

Where to Find Cropped Tanks:  Forever 21, Lulu’s, American Eagle

Look #1: If you want an easy weekend look, put your tank top over your sports bra, and pair them with a pair of high waisted shorts.  For shoes, try a pair of flip flops or Keds.  A simple pair of flats can also work. Keep the jewelery to a minimum, with maybe a large bracelet and a small anklet. If you like earrings, try a long pair of dangling ones.  Hair can be any way you want, just make sure it looks loose and easy!

Look #2: For school, cropped tanks are great as well.  (Just remember to add a cami underneath the tank.)  A simple pencil skirt is a great thing to pair with a printed cropped tank, along with flats or possibly wedges.  For this look, a long necklace as jewelery would look great!  As for hair, keep it down. With a pencil skirt, hair looks better natural.



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