Clothing of the Week: Blazer

28 Jul

When you think of a blazer, you’ll typically think of it as something people wear to work, not to school or for fun.  But with blazers suddenly being the new casual jacket, get used to seeing them everywhere!

Blazers come in tons of colors and shapes and sizes, so don’t be afraid to get a few of them to brighten up your closet.  Even though I’ll only list two looks, try some more out on your own.  This now casual jacket seems to go with everything!

Where to Find Blazers: Charlotte Russe, Forever21, ModCloth, Lulu’s, Nordstrom, Wet Seal

Look #1:  For a school ready look that isn’t trying to hard, pair a looser shirt (preferably plain colored) with printed or colored skinny jeans.  A regular sized black or colored (but not printed) blazer would go best with this look.  For shoes, try little ankle boots.  They go well with jeans and are super cute!  As for accessories, a colorful and eye catching necklace is great.  If you want to be a little bit more fancy, a few bangles should do the trick.  Almost any kind of hairstyle works with this look, so be creative.  If you have long hair, try a braided pony tail.  (Look at Blake Lively’s hair.)

Look #2:  For a night out, try this look.  Pair a simple blazer with loose fitting printed pants and a plain swing tank top tucked into them.  A pair of wedges and a long necklace are the perfect completion to this look.  For hair, just let it be natural.  With this look, hair looks better simple rather than styled.


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