Outfit of the Day

24 Jul

When we’re comfy, life is better.  But sometimes, when you just want to be comfortable but you want to look good as well, finding a balance can be difficult.  Don’t just go with the sweat pants, try something different!  Here’s a comfortable outfit that doesn’t sacrifice beauty.

Top:  Flowing and loose tank top.  It surprisingly flatters your figure, and you’ll love the simple feel. Find at Lulu’s, Target

Bottoms:  Colored or animal print skinny jeans.  They’re easy to wear and fun to be in!  Find at Lulu’s, Forever 21

Shoes:  Simple flats.  I’m always surprised at how elegant someone can look just because they’re wearing flats!  Find at Target, Forever 21, and tons more places!!

Accessories:  Long, looped necklace.   You’ll barely notice you’re wearing it, and it adds a nice glimmer of sparkle to your look.  Find at Forever 21.

Hair:  Get out a large barreled curling iron on low heat and give yourself some natural looking curls.  It doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard, plus its easy and quick.  Don’t worry about curling your whole head if you have thick hair like I do, just curl the surface and blend it with the rest of your hair.


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