Clothing of the Week: Printed Shorts

20 Jul

Personally, a day when I’m wearing printed shorts is always a great day.  Whether they are high waisted, pleated, flowing, or fitted, printed shorts definitely make a statement. Full of exciting colors, these shorts will draw attention in a good way.

Where to Find Printed Shorts:  ModCloth, Forever 21, Lulu’s, Wet Seal

Look #1: Since printed shorts are an outfit in themselves, a simple style is enough.  For a shirt, try a blouse accessorized with a long necklace, a bangle, and fabric flats*.  I’ve noticed this style makes you look taller and more elegant.

If you really want to get chic, tie a colored or printed scarf (folded triangularly) around your neck, making the knot visible, and letting the point of the triangle rest off center, near your shoulder.  To complete the look, keep your hair down and get out your big fat sunglasses.  If your going for runway worthy, a deep red lipstick should do the trick.

* Wedges are also a possibility, just remember to keep it simple!

Look #2: Another look for printed shorts consists of a loose tee shirt accessorized with a big necklace.  For shoes, try colored Ked-like sneakers or Toms.  They are simple yet sophisticated.

To complete this look, add a few rings to your fingers and if your hair is long enough, put it up in a big messy/floppy bun on top of your head.


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