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DIY: Acne Treatment

31 Jul

Here is a recipe for a homemade facial rinse I found when I was searching the web.  I found this on, if you want to look for more facial recipes. They have tons!

I don’t have really bad acne, but I always seem to have zits here and there.  I’ve been trying tons of cleansers and exfoliants but nothing seems to work. I was looking online for homemade facial recipes the other day, and one recipe caught my eye.

It called for apple cider vinegar mixed with water.  I tried it, and the next morning, my acne was much less noticeable and my skin felt great!  I’ve been using the vinegar twice a day now and have noticed no irritation.  I have really sensitive skin, so this is rare for me! I honestly don’t know that much about this, so you might want to check it out more before trying it on your face.

Recipe:  2 cups water, 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.  Mix together and pat on face.  Let dry, then rinse.

Good luck!


New Trend: Polka Dots

29 Jul

I used to think polka dots were kind of childish, and not something you would wear if you were attending a fancy event.  But after noticing them a lot more when shopping and seeing all the cute things that were polka dotted, my opinion definitely changed

Polka dots, when adorning a loose tank top, peasant blouse, dress, or even shorts, look sophisticated and chic.  Wear polka dots with quiet clothing, so that you don’t take away from the polka dot effect.  As for accessories, chain and teardrop necklaces look good, just remember to keep it simple.

Find at:  Forever 21, ModCloth

Clothing of the Week: Blazer

28 Jul

When you think of a blazer, you’ll typically think of it as something people wear to work, not to school or for fun.  But with blazers suddenly being the new casual jacket, get used to seeing them everywhere!

Blazers come in tons of colors and shapes and sizes, so don’t be afraid to get a few of them to brighten up your closet.  Even though I’ll only list two looks, try some more out on your own.  This now casual jacket seems to go with everything!

Where to Find Blazers: Charlotte Russe, Forever21, ModCloth, Lulu’s, Nordstrom, Wet Seal

Look #1:  For a school ready look that isn’t trying to hard, pair a looser shirt (preferably plain colored) with printed or colored skinny jeans.  A regular sized black or colored (but not printed) blazer would go best with this look.  For shoes, try little ankle boots.  They go well with jeans and are super cute!  As for accessories, a colorful and eye catching necklace is great.  If you want to be a little bit more fancy, a few bangles should do the trick.  Almost any kind of hairstyle works with this look, so be creative.  If you have long hair, try a braided pony tail.  (Look at Blake Lively’s hair.)

Look #2:  For a night out, try this look.  Pair a simple blazer with loose fitting printed pants and a plain swing tank top tucked into them.  A pair of wedges and a long necklace are the perfect completion to this look.  For hair, just let it be natural.  With this look, hair looks better simple rather than styled.

New Trend: Peter Pan Collar

26 Jul

I went to the mall the other day, and among all the other trends I saw, the one that stood out was the Peter Pan Collar.

This new trend gives a whole different meaning to necklines.  Commonly found on blouses, the PPC adds an innocent yet chic touch to any simple shirt.  This collar also makes enough of a statement already, and doesn’t need to be accessorized.  Find it at Forever21, Lulu’s.

Outfit of the Day

24 Jul

When we’re comfy, life is better.  But sometimes, when you just want to be comfortable but you want to look good as well, finding a balance can be difficult.  Don’t just go with the sweat pants, try something different!  Here’s a comfortable outfit that doesn’t sacrifice beauty.

Top:  Flowing and loose tank top.  It surprisingly flatters your figure, and you’ll love the simple feel. Find at Lulu’s, Target

Bottoms:  Colored or animal print skinny jeans.  They’re easy to wear and fun to be in!  Find at Lulu’s, Forever 21

Shoes:  Simple flats.  I’m always surprised at how elegant someone can look just because they’re wearing flats!  Find at Target, Forever 21, and tons more places!!

Accessories:  Long, looped necklace.   You’ll barely notice you’re wearing it, and it adds a nice glimmer of sparkle to your look.  Find at Forever 21.

Hair:  Get out a large barreled curling iron on low heat and give yourself some natural looking curls.  It doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard, plus its easy and quick.  Don’t worry about curling your whole head if you have thick hair like I do, just curl the surface and blend it with the rest of your hair.

Clothing of the Week: Printed Shorts

20 Jul

Personally, a day when I’m wearing printed shorts is always a great day.  Whether they are high waisted, pleated, flowing, or fitted, printed shorts definitely make a statement. Full of exciting colors, these shorts will draw attention in a good way.

Where to Find Printed Shorts:  ModCloth, Forever 21, Lulu’s, Wet Seal

Look #1: Since printed shorts are an outfit in themselves, a simple style is enough.  For a shirt, try a blouse accessorized with a long necklace, a bangle, and fabric flats*.  I’ve noticed this style makes you look taller and more elegant.

If you really want to get chic, tie a colored or printed scarf (folded triangularly) around your neck, making the knot visible, and letting the point of the triangle rest off center, near your shoulder.  To complete the look, keep your hair down and get out your big fat sunglasses.  If your going for runway worthy, a deep red lipstick should do the trick.

* Wedges are also a possibility, just remember to keep it simple!

Look #2: Another look for printed shorts consists of a loose tee shirt accessorized with a big necklace.  For shoes, try colored Ked-like sneakers or Toms.  They are simple yet sophisticated.

To complete this look, add a few rings to your fingers and if your hair is long enough, put it up in a big messy/floppy bun on top of your head.

Fall Trends

20 Jul

For most of us, school is coming, whether we like it or not.  You can be prepared with a great new wardrobe for the coming year.  Here are a few trends to try for the upcoming school year. Have fun!

Tribal prints- We’ve been seeing them more and more in stores, and now is the time to try them!  For a casual school look, try a vibrant tribal shirt paired with either dark jeans or colored denim. Make sure the color of your jeans doesn’t make you too bright.  Try black, or another quieter color that you can identify in your shirt.

Tribal print denim or leggings are also super cute and fun!  Wear with flats or possibly boots.  If you’re looking for a more sophisticated look, try wedge heels.  They look great with skinny jeans or leggings, and they give you a classy edge.

Find Them At:  Forever 21

Blazer- This jacket can be casual, elegant, or fun.  Try it over a loose t-shirt with jeans,heels and a large necklace, or over a pencil skirt and blouse with flats.  A smaller blazer looks good over a flowing dress.

Find It At: Nordstrom, Forever 21, H&M, Lulu’s, Wet Seal

Little Flats- These make any outfit sweet and elegant.  Try a vibrant color for a more retro look, or sophisticated black for a look that’s simple yet classy.  Fabric flats are also cute and casual, or you can access your wilder side with printed flats.  All are cute and stylish!

Find Them At: Nordstrom, Target, and tons of other stores!  Flats are common, so you’ll probably find a cute pair at almost any place that carries shoes.

Skirts-  There are so many different types of skirts out there, but I’m noticing that people are taking a noticeable interest in these types: Pleated, Maxi and Pencil.  Pleated skirts are always fun and cute, plus they are an outfit in themselves.  Maxi skirts are fun and gorgeous, and they give you a simple beachy look that you can accessorize with long necklaces, fat bangles, and a simple top.  Sandals finish off this summery, casual look.  Pencil skirts can be a nice accent to a blouse.  Try flats for a more casual look, or wedges if you’re going out.

Find Them At: Too Many Places to List!  Have fun searching!

Feather Earrings- These earrings put a new and gorgeous spin on your whole outfit.  Personally, I love them because for some reason they seem to light up your face in the best way possible!  You can wear them with simple outfits, for wilder yet still casual look for school.

Find Them At: Forever 21